Mar. 1, 2022: Phonebank
February 9, 2022
Feb. 28, 2022: Ramsey County Supporters Fundraiser
February 9, 2022

Feb. 15, 2022: Conversation with Saraswati

Our campaign team continues to grow and we want you on #TeamSingh!

Saraswati is a progressive prosecutor, a Hindu, and the daughter of Immigrants. Not only does she have the practical skills and knowledge that a prosecutor needs but she has the lived experience as a woman of color. Now is the time to elect our champions that will create real and lasting change. Saraswati is the Hennepin County Attorney we deserve and the one we need.

Join us in a conversation to hear from Saraswati about her vision for Hennepin County, the improvements and conversations we need to have in prosecutorial spaces, and engage in questions from residents in Hennepin County like you!

6pm | Tuesday Feb. 15

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