Feb. 12 & 26, 2022: Phonebanks
February 9, 2022
Feb. 15, 2022: Conversation with Saraswati
February 9, 2022

Mar. 1, 2022: Phonebank

We need change and we need it now!

We cannot continue to elect the same people to positions of power and expect different results. Join us in phonebanking to talk with neighbors, friends, and fellow Hennepin County residents as we seek to elect a better, progressive, more community-minded candidate, Saraswati Singh! There are 3 opportunities to join us with many more to come.

Every session will begin with a 30-minute training. No prior experience needed.

5–8pm | Tuesday Mar. 1

Sign Up: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0kceioqDsuH9CXJR3FQb4m_lRBbP8BLtXD

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