Minnesota Now: "I am pleased to inform you that your candidacy received an "A" rating and has been endorsed by the Minnesota National Organization for Women Political Action Committee (Minnesota NOW PAC). Endorsement, our highest level of support, recognizes your leadership on feminist issues and entitles you to use our name in publications."

Minnesota NOW PAC’s primary objectives are Constitutional Equality • Reproductive Rights (including repeal of all laws restricting safe, legal, abortion) • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Rights • Eliminating Racism (including promoting racial and ethnic diversity) • Freedom From Violence • Economic Justice (including opposition to punitive welfare policies)

“I’m honored to have earned this endorsement from such a prestigious and prominent national organization. Run For Something has an intensive multi-level vetting process evaluating policy, financials, strategy, and more. This endorsement will strengthen our campaign to prioritize preventing crimes, prosecuting violent crimes, addressing racism and enforcing police accountability.” -Saraswati Singh

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi: "I admire Saraswati's enthusiasm for improving the justice system for all people, and her recognition that it starts with listening to our community. She will prioritize her office's resources on violent crime and focus her leadership on improving the quality of justice for all of Hennepin County."

State Representative Esther Agbaje: "Saraswati is an experienced prosecutor who has implemented reforms that centers survivors and rehabilitation in the criminal legal system. She has a passion for our county to move us forward!"

State Representative Athena Hollins: "I am very excited to be supporting Saraswati for Hennepin County Attorney! She is bright, progressive and experienced."

Attorney Noah Johnson: "I support Saraswati Singh because she is a brilliant and caring attorney committed to justice for all in Minnesota, protecting the community while addressing issues of social justice, and the only candidate qualified to lead the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. Saraswati's election to the position of Hennepin County Attorney would be a great advancement for justice in our county, as she is committed to preventing violent crime while tackling the hard issues of race, police violence and other pressing issues in the criminal justice system."

Assistant Ramsey County Attorney Fue Thao: "I work alongside Saraswati and I know that she is a thoughtful, intelligent, and sensible attorney and public servant. I am confident that she will be dedicated to the welfare and safety of Hennepin County residents."

Former Minneapolis City Council Candidate Ward 13 & Business Owner Mike Norton: "Saraswati Singh has a strong understanding of the complexity of this moment and the courage to push forward and make substantive progress. I'm excited to support her campaign for Hennepin County Attorney."

Attorney Michael Millios: "Saraswati is committed to improving our justice system. She is compassionate and I believe she will emphasize rehabilitation for lower level offenses to help our community. Her service to our community will reduce mass incarceration and improve public safety."

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Victim’s Attorney & Hennepin County Resident Debra Bulluck, Esq.: "Saraswati has been proven to be an effective, trauma-informed, prosecutor that understands the complexities of domestic violence and sexual assault. With Saraswati’s leadership, victim-survivors’ voices will be uplifted and abusers will be afforded rehabilitation while being held accountable for their actions."

School Board Director, St. Paul Public Schools Halla Henderson: “Whenever we center the voices of those most impacted by decisions, we begin to dismantle the systems of oppression that have harmed us for generations. That's why I support Saraswati Singh for Hennepin County Attorney. I witnessed first-hand how the justice system fails to protect communities like mine while growing up in Hennepin County, and I believe that Saraswati's courage to lead and build bridges with communities will lead to equal and transparent representation.”

Coon Rapids City Council Member, 20 year Public School Science Teacher, Candidate MN Senate District 35 Kari Rahrauer: “Saraswati Singh is a proven prosecutor, a compassionate advocate for victims, and community builder with a focus on racial equity and restorative justice. I trust Saraswati to improve relationships with the community and she has my full endorsement.”

Indian Immigrant & Hennepin County Resident Geetanjali Mittal: "As a community member and woman of color, I am more than happy to support Saraswati and believe that through her expertise and passion for racial equity, she will bring in a much needed systemic change!"

Hmong Immigrant & Ramsey County Attorney Victim Witness Advocate Doua Xiong: "I support Saraswati Singh for Hennepin County Attorney. She is an experienced prosecutor, who has proven that she is dedicated to helping victim-survivors through their struggles with compassion and respect. I have confidence in Saraswati’s abilities to do great things for Hennepin County."

Assistant Ramsey County Attorney & Long-time Leader and Advocate of the Somali-American Community Aman Obsiye: "I’m endorsing Saraswati Singh due to her commitment to fighting violent crime, while simultaneously seeking remedies to fix the disparities that exist in our criminal justice system."


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