“It’s important that we pursue cases where victims are women, people of color, LGBTQ, or belong to a different religion. Those cases are particularly difficult because of implicit bias against these types of victims. But prosecutors need to show Minnesotans that we should all care, regardless of whether one feels they connect with a victim, because violent behavior is unacceptable in a civilized society.”

“Profiles in Practice: Saraswati Singh,” Hennepin County Bar Association Magazine, 10/31/2019

“[W]e're finally talking about the elephant in the room: racism and systemic racism. Because we need good prosecutors, we want everyone to be safe, and everyone to know that they can trust us. Together, we're going to have a brighter future.”

“Prosecution during a Pandemic...and Racial Unrest,” Minnesota Women Lawyers Magazine, 10/02/2020

“She believes it’s important to see representation of Asian Americans and women at the legislative and governing tables so that all Americans can work together toward a happier, healthier, and more just future.”

Council of Asian Pacific Minnesotans Profile

“The Constitution is for all of us. After all, it begins with “We the People.” I am a proud member of the American Constitution Society, working to make sure the Constitution continues to protect our rights and helps us become “a more perfect Union.”

American Constitution Society profile

"I think the community needs someone that … knows the system, and at the same time knows and appreciates the flaws and instead of running away from it, wants to make it better”

Star Tribune, 09/01/2021

Podcasts and Interviews

Wedge LIVE

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to join John Edwards on his podcast Wedge LIVE! He does a deep dive about my run for Hennepin County Attorney. The job is to be the top prosecutor in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, and I'm a prosecutor. I have the knowledge, skills, and lived experience needed for this job.

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Hmong American Weekly

I am very excited to have had the opportunity along with other Hennepin County Attorney candidates to attend the Hmong American Weekly show. Hosted by community activist Pakou Hang, Senate District 67 DFL Chair Terri Thoa, and Rep. Jay Xiong, Hmong American Weekly is an ongoing series to build a vibrant and resilient political consciousness in the Hmong community to combat political manipulation and propaganda.

Watch Now

American Constitution Society Minneapolis- St. Paul Lawyer's Chapter: Hennepin County Attorney Candidate Forum

I'm thankful to have joined the progressive, legal, and non-partisan American Constitution Society’s Hennepin County Attorney Candidate Forum. One fact remains — I am the right candidate at the right time. Watch now.

ThinkTech Hawaii: A Nation of Immigrants

I am so grateful to have joined my friend, Chang Wang, as he hosts the ongoing series, Nation of Immigrants, a program featuring immigration law, immigrants’ stories, and cultural diversity. The experience of being an immigrant and growing up with immigrant parents is a familiar one to many Hennepin County residents, myself included. I am the right person at the right time.

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